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What We Offer

Happy, Healthy Kids



We’ve Got You Covered

With many years of experience, each Qualified Caregiver from Small Miracles Learning Center LLC has you covered. We provide the building blocks to prepare you and your child for preschool. 

In SMLC’s program, children learn to develop essential skills, such as time management, personal responsibility, self-awareness, independence, and social awareness. In this enriching environment, your 3-year-old has the opportunity to learn from older children.



The Most Qualified Care

Feel calm about leaving your child with experienced staff knowing that they have the experience and certifications needed. We will work with you and your child with providing a excellent curriculum that will prepare them for Pre K!

Our Preschoolers learn “pre-skills,” which lay the groundwork for the future. Through their playing, singing and learning, preschoolers gain skills that ultimately help them learn to read, write, build their math and science skills, and become successful students.


Pre K

Exceeding Expectations

We promote kindergarten readiness for students, we will provide a curriculum  for development that includes cognitive, social, emotional, physical and language activities outlined by the state of Indian’s Early learning Foundations.

Our Pre K is exposed to earth science, art, music, and simple history. As children learn these pre-academic skills, they can enter kindergarten and grade school better equipped to learn harder concepts.

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